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Indian Angel Network to invest in startups in UK, Singapore

The Indian Angel Network, India’s oldest and largest angel investor network, will now scout for investment opportunities in the United Kingdom and Singapore.

The decision to invest in UK and Singapore-based early-stage ventures has been taken to provide companies in its portfolio access to global markets, tap into the Indian diaspora as well as to rope in international investors to participate in domestic startups, accordi...

Rehan yar Khan's fund raising marks new beginning for VCs

Rehan yar Khan's fund raising announcement last week could mark a new beginning for venture capital funding in India, as a new crop of entrepreneur-led, early-stage investment firms begin to mark their presence in the country's risk capital landscape. Khan, one of the country's most storied angel investors, has raised Rs 300 crore for his maiden India-focused venture capital fund, Orios Venture Partners, making it one of the largest...

Venture Capital in India - The Summit Push

It is now my eighth year in succession of claiming a great year for venture capital. I have been in the business for all of eight years. But then, I am also an amateur marathoner and a climber. In all of these three trades, it takes years of perseverance to scale the summit. As I look back at 2013, I am more convinced than ever of the decisiveness of this moment.

At the surface, 2013 was a slower year for venture capital inv...

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Tips & Advice for Angel Investors

10 Things An Investor Must Do Before Investing

Investing in private companies is not easy. These are risky, illiquid, long-term investments, so you need to do a lot of work upfront to increase your odds of success. I’ve spent my entire career either investing into private companies or helping investors and companies connect through an online investing platform. In my experience, here are 10 things investors must to before investing:

1) Talk with the CEO.  ...

Are You Ready To Be An Angel Investor?

1. IS ANGEL INVESTING MEANT FOR EVERYONE? Angel investing or venture capital is not meant for those – • having surplus only for a short period of 3-4 years; • sitting on a large proportion in illiquid assets; • having low trust or belief in entrepreneurs and fear misappropriation of funds; • worried about failure of a few portfolio companies to return the invested capital; • looking for stable income as dividend or p...

Five Ways To Avoid Losing Money as An Angel Investor

I have an angel investor friend—let’s call this friend “Alex.” Alex has great deal flow and works hard to pick the best opportunities for investment. Alex has been frustrated over the past several years, however, because she doesn’t seem to be making any money. This is despite solid operational performance by several of the companies and several exits, including one that was quite notable.

Recently, Alex and I sat down a...

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