India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, drawing the attention of many international investors. Whereas the Silicon Valley boom of the 1990s forced Indian entrepreneurs in the technology and science industries to flock to America to start companies and accrue funding, now, private investors who’ve had success in markets like America and the UK are looking to India to find their next great investment.

For example, the founders of Google and Yahoo! actively seek out investment opportunities in India. Even lesser known angel investors - wealthy individuals who invest smaller amounts of money at the start-up level - have taken an interest in India’s growing number of entrepreneurs, providing them not only with start-up capital, but also with their business knowledge and networks from previous investments.

In turn, these new businesses promote more business, which attracts more investors from abroad, creating more jobs and stimulating the economy throughout India - from Delhi and Mumbai to smaller rural communities.

Some of the more popular Indian industries for angel investment include information technology, pharmaceuticals, crafts and apparel. But with the help of Indian Investment Network, our investors are finding opportunities to invest in fields as broad as gaming, travel and manufacturing, and our Indian entrepreneurs are given the initial footing to jumpstart their businesses and revitalize their economy.