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    How two childhood pals from London got 1,109,314 friends (and counting)…

    The story so far…

    Back in 2004 many of our colleagues and acquaintances were starting businesses. Lots of them had brilliant ideas. But they were struggling to find the seed funding necessary to grow; and the best investors to guide their growth.

    This got us thinking, really thinking...

    The problem was clearly undermining the startup scene and stopping so many great ideas from getting the opportunity they deserved. And we thought we could solve it. So we set out to build an online platform connecting startups with a global network of angel investors.

    …and the product is the website you see before you now!

    Did it work?

    Well, we started small, but now our network has 30 branches extending to 80 different countries. We have 1,109,314 registered members with 198,465 investors and 910,840 entrepreneurs. This makes us the largest angel investment community in the world, and we’re growing daily. As a result, we’ve already raised Rs.2,000 Crore for some of the coolest startups in the UK and across the world.

    But that’s not all…

    As we have grown so has the startup scene. So we have expanded our areas of expertise to meet the various demands of the modern day startup.

    We also realised that different ideas are more suited to one type of fundraising strategy than another. So to make sure we can help anyone, whatever their idea, we have plans (and FCA approval) to launch a crowdfunding platform before the end of 2015.

    Stay ambitious.

    James Badgett & Mike Lebus

    AIN Founders

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