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Mumbai - Angel Investor IN

Rs.10,00,000 - Rs.15,00,000

Accounting and auditing with Big 4. Internal and external audit. Banking and Credit Risk. Willing to provvide capital and mentoring support to companies.   

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Siliguri - Angel Investor IN

Rs.25,00,000 - Rs.40,00,000

I have been successfully running a manufacturing house in Siliguri in West Bengal for the last ten years. Starting from almost zero capital, I have taken it to such a height that I have beco...   

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Investor Profile Image IN

Rs.60,00,000 Max - Rs.20,00,000 Min

As India's first NRI-focused real estate portal, we help NRIs around the world with the entire life cycle of residential real estate ownership in India: purchase, loans, ...

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$2Billion/Yr Saving of Je... IN

Rs.12,00,00,000 Max - Rs.30,00,000 Min

We have filed patent applications for removal of empty seats in aircrafts prior to take off, modular & foldable seats, quick release/attach mechanism. This will reduce we...

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Ivor Noble

Ivor Noble

I was at first dubious about what preparation would be required to present about what we do to a potential investor, would there be anyone present who relates to our industry and can see the opportunity and so on. I was however, most surprised when a constant stream of notable investors took keen interest in our business model. Not only that but they also took the time to offer advice and to relay knowledge that left me pondering on possible improvements to my business. If any business owner with a novel concept that requires capital raising this is a really worthwhile as there is a multitude of investors waiting to to talk with you, which makes you feel like you have the choice to choose who is the best investor to choose to have an alliance with in business rather than just obtaining funds!

Yair González, Vogedo

Yair González, Vogedo

Excellent site - now I have an investor! You are my heroes.Thank you! "Yair González - Vogedo"