Over the last few years, we have heard many bits of news about western companies investing in the Indian market to cut costs. But while that movement gets all of the press, another bigger movement has been happening within the country.

According to Venture Source, after a relatively even market for some time, the amount of venture capital investment in India has doubled over the past year. Venture firms invested over $237 million in the second quarter of 2008, compared with $108 million in Q2 2007.

With a fast growing market, increased consumer presence and a growing middle class, India is fast becoming a ground for new business start-ups. Previously a heavily regulated economy, India has started to allow more foreign investment, and has become one of the fastest growing economies - as well as being one of the four BRIC nations.

As a result, business investments in Indian start-up companies have started to steadily increase, forming a ripe market for angel investment groups such as the Indian Investment Network. Until recent years, the few early stage companies that survived in India would sell off to US or European investors, but since then the tide has turned, with Indian entrepreneurs being able to get venture capital from within the country. As more and more Indian entrepreneurs become familiar with business investments on a global scale, the more they are looking to mentor other entrepreneurs in India. As a result, angel investors have started to not only crop up within India, but foreign angel investors have started to take a longer look at business investment opportunities within India.

And there are plenty of opportunities. Over 300 business proposals from companies and entrepreneurs based in India have been added to the Indian Investment Network's database in the last 90 days alone. Angel Investors can look at thousands of business investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, while start-up businesses and local entrepreneurs can submit their idea to angel investors located both in India and around the world. In India alone, over 750 angel investors are looking to make investments in various industry sectors. From finance and real estate, to technology and innovative new concepts, there have been many entrepreneur and investor partnerships that began via this network.