Angel Groups are starting to make a presence in the Indian investment market, with angel investors from around the country looking to collaborate on potential investment opportunities.

A few years ago angel investment was regarded as something that only existed in the US and Western Europe, and as a result many people emigrated from India with their ideas and skill set to set up their business in a more open economy. A few success stories later, many of them have come back to India, where they have learned that the Indian economy is much more potent and investment friendly than before.

Considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India offers a great opportunity for angel investors to take that risk in order to potentially generate huge returns. Many investors also have contacts around the world that can help entrepreneurial start-ups get noticed faster.

While the buzz initially focused on technology and internet start-ups à la Silicon Valley, one of the biggest changes in the past year or so is the breadth of industry sectors available for investment by angel groups. Thousands of entrepreneurs and investors are looking to connect with the right type of ideas, across a wide range of of companies. Recent projects in need of angel group investment include real estate, technology, agriculture, entertainment, finance, garment manufacturing, television and even food/drink. Indian Investment Network can help both sides get started on their business venture, connecting local entrepreneurs with global investors every day, so that they can discuss ideas and hopefully form a successful business partnership. Angel Groups, since they consist of several investors, can be more reputable, and a safer bet to some. But the same rules apply. When starting a business it is important to look beyond whether the investor can fund your business. Make sure that your business is properly set up and registered, and that the angel groups you work with are credible, and don't just have investment capital, but also a general interest in your business.