India is a fast growing economy, and this has been acknowledged on a global basis by many investors. Investments in companies and entrepreneurs have risen rapidly, and opportunities are abound, with thousands of investment opportunities currently available on the Indian Investment Network.

But what kind of investors are there? Currently, a lot of the investment is for existing companies that are looking for a second round of investment in order to expand. As a result, seed capital investment has almost been pushed to the background.

Seed capital is considered the initial round of investment - the initial source of funding that get things off the ground. The amounts are usually smaller than in the later stages of venture capital investment, but the risks are also higher. Although these investments have the potential to be very rewarding, many investors in India are said to be looking to pay more in later stages for less risk.

To increase seed capital investment, and keep a steady flow of new entrepreneurs coming out of India's market, some groups and sites have taken the time to look at the bigger picture. The Indian Investment Network is one of a few sites looking to help connect both sides here, where angel investors looking to invest seed capital can browse a large database of new business entrepreneurs in India.

Entrepreneurs from India also have the advantage of connecting through other branches of the network, as we connect entrepreneurs to investors in over 20 countries worldwide. Some reports have claimed that many Indian entrepreneurs looking to raise seed capital have started companies elsewhere with the hopes of attracting more "daring" angel investors - but now the option exists online.