India has long been seen by entrepreneurs and investors alike as an excellent opportunity from a business perspective, however in the past some investors have held back from doing business in India due to worries over corruption and fraud, therefore some companies have suffered and have not been able to get adequate business funding. Whilst some issues remain, India has moved to the forefront in many market sectors and with foreign investment putting money into businesses in India, the marketplace as a whole has become more professional.

Entrepreneurs looking to start up a business in India have a wealth of opportunities, however to attract business funding there are a few market sectors in India that are more likely to attract investors. If investors believe a business has a better chance of success then of course they are more likely to invest, and if there is already an established track record of businesses operating successfully in a certain sector and market, then it becomes clear business funding is more likely achieved. Whilst investors are always looking for that ‘golden opportunity’, such opportunities are relatively rare and instead they look for companies run by people with a solid track record or following a business plan that is proven.

Entrepreneurs therefore who are looking for business funding and cannot go to the bank for a loan, nor quality for venture capital money would do well to look at the current Indian marketplace and aim to follow the trends of what businesses are successful in India, to help temp an angel investor to invest money into their venture. For example entrepreneurs looking for business funding could explore opportunities in the online marketplace, Software, IT Support, Customer Service or Data Services. Each of these sectors has been successful for entrepreneurs and investors alike and will likely to be so again for other people who are willing to invest in India.